Here's Iggy Azalea basking in Miami's glam glow (she's there mixing biz with pleasure according to her Instagram). Once we got over the irrational feelings of jealousy about Iggs being on holiday, our next thought was: dang, how do I do that hair? Well, good news, Iggy's UK hairdresser Sami Knight says, 'Slick hair is easy to do at home and because it's not something you do everyday, it makes a big impression.' 
Helen Bradley, ASOS senior hair and make-up supervisor, gave her step-by-step guide to the slick so you can refer back to it when you're getting ready this weekend:

1. Blow-dry your wet hair straight (using a heat protector) and comb it back from your forehead using a paddle brush.
2. Use a humidity-defying cream and comb through your hair from root to tip, and then run straighteners over the ends.
3. Use a smoothing cream to give your hair that slick look.
4. Use hairspray to keep it all in place.

Ta-dah – Iggy eat your heart out!