It's official. The nation is suffering from its annual Great British Bake Off comedown, panicking over what we're going to fill our Tuesday nights with and a general lack of pâtisserie eats to drool over. Well, lucky for you, we were checking out Maude Apatow on Instagram (the daughter of Judd Apatow and Leslie Mann, she's good on Twitter too), which led us to her BFF's profile, budding food photographer @Tuna_Boon. A couple of clicks later and we were hooked. Think amazing cakes, cookies and doughnuts, all photographed in super-cute pastel colours and filters. Yummy. For even more foodie fun, her other Instagram @eat_more is pure food. Although we also love her über-arty snaps of Maude and adorable dogs/cats, obviously. It's a win-win.