Last night saw Kim Kardashian turn 33 (Happy b'day KK!) and what did Kanye get her, you ask? A proposal, of course. Here are five reasons why this could only be a Kimye engagement. 

1. The diamond ring. Is. Enormous. As in 15 carats of enormous – check out one of Kim's mate's Instagram snaps, below. (A side note, though: the diamond Kim received from Kris Humphries was a whopping 20 carats. So, um...) 

2. Super-casually, Kanye went from presenting at the 2013 Hollywood Film Awards straight to the AT&T Park in San Francisco to propose. Not only that, though, he also rented out the entire baseball stadium and got 'Will you marry me?' to appear on the big screen.

3. Oh, and did we mention that he had 50 musicians playing on the field?

4. Plus, he made sure the entire Kardashian klan were there for the occasion. 

5. It's officially a social media phenomenon. We awoke to #Kimye trending worldwide. 

Now, we're just wondering, will Kimmy wear Givenchy? Will Kanye don a Margiela mask? Will Yeezus make an appearance? So many questions.