Don't have Bestival tickets and feel down about the summer's festivals coming to an end? Well, Glastonbury tickets go on sale next Monday and festival founder, Michael Eavis, has revealed in an interview with NME that he has pretty much booked the headliners for Glasto 2014. Already! Appaz, the three acts are 'three bands who haven't played Glastonbury' before. Natch, Twitter has gone tron with speculation: top of the list is Fleetwood Mac, Daft Punk and Depeche Mode. (Daft Punk have played before – a set in the dance tent in 1997, but it wasn't the main stage, so nobody's counting it.) Also in the frame are Led Zeppelin, The Eagles, Prince, Madonna and Kylie – and yes, the last three aren't bands, but let's not let that stomp on our excitement. See you there!