For his latest single Breakfast Can Wait, Prince commissioned 18-year-old singer, dancer and all-round cutie Danielle Curiel (check out her Instagram), to direct and star in the video, in which she gets busy in the kitchen with her equally easy-on-the-eye male co-star and does a mean Prince impression, complete with pencil moustache and Afro.

And if that wasn’t enough to make you Prince-obsessed this weekend, the man himself is – drumroll – hosting and performing at a pyjama party at his (‘his’ being the famous Paisley Park) on Saturday. How cool is that? According to 'The Breakfast Experience Pajama Dance Party requires attendees to come in sleepwear – but keep it classy!' Doors for the gig open at 2am and the band will 'party til the sun comes up!' Hellz, lunch and dinner can wait too as far as we’re concerned.