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Red Carpet Manicure Gel Polish - Glitters

Product Details

This glitter gel polish has been made by Red Carpet Manicure. The details include: a gel polish formula which once applied is set under the Red Carpet Manicure LED light to provide long-lasting chip free colour, in an array of glitter studded hues.




The ultimate at home manicure, award winning Red Carpet Manicure was devised by industry insiders Barry Shields and Bruce Kowalsky. Using an innovative three step system, the gel style nail polish is simply set under an LED light to provide long-lasting, chip free, glossy colour. Easily removed, the nail polishes come in an array of shades inspired by the catwalks, from a classic red to midnight blues and glitter finishes.


Available in: Camera flash Only in Hollywood Thank you mum & dad The perfect pair Tinsel town Wow!!