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March 2012


Designed with real seafaring in mind, new nautical is all about Scandinavian fishing: hardwearing anoraks, tough work shirts and an update on that old favourite, the Breton stripe. Bigger, better, brighter, this is nautical for the 21st century.


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  • the work shirt

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    from £25

  • The Work Shirt

    No, not a shirt to wear to work, but a shirt to do work in. That means hardwearing fabric in a colour that won’t show signs of all the manual labour you’ve been doing. Even if it’s just relaxing really hard.


    Traditionally featuring a non slip sole to make them safe for messing about on boats (hence the name) the boat shoe is all things to all men: smart when it needs to be, cool when it doesn’t.

  • the boat shoe

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    from £15


    Weather-proof, dirt-proof, drink-proof (well, not actually 'proof' but the dirtier it gets the better it looks) the anorak is a wicked coat for the summer. Light enough to carry and unmissably bright. Never get lost again.

  • the anorak

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    from £45

  • the STRIPEd top

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    from £14


    Derived from the Breton top (you know, blue and white stripes to help make sailors visible if they fell into the water), this spring’s striped tops feature bigger stripes in better colours.


    Finally, an alternative to denim in the summer has arrived. The chino will make it look like you’ve made an effort, even if you haven’t. Roll up the bottom and show a bit of ankle if you think you can get away with it.

  • the chino

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    from £25

  • the backpack

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    from £25


    The only receptacle suitable for the rigours of a holiday, commute and four days in a field, the backpack will save your life this summer. Or at least be full of stuff that will.