Now we’re not talking about sliders of the delicious, miniature-beef-patty variety though, in our humble opinion, these slip-your-feet-in-and-go summer footwear essentials are equally tasty. Yes, we’re talking sporty sliders, which are fast asserting themselves as the go-to option for guys whose summers are too action-packed to waste time fiddling about with laces, straps or buckles.

Sliders emerged from sartorial obscurity last year amid much fanfare from streetwear enthusiasts, securing themselves a place in the urban kid’s arsenal of summer gear that includes bucket hats, basketball shorts and oversized T-shirts. Forget what you thought you knew about men’s style and wear yours with fresh-out-of-the-pack athletic socks and embrace this former fashion faux pas with gusto. Take a look at a few of our favourite slider styles below.