Its not just bunnies, fluffy chicks and chocolate manufacturers that love this time of year: your wardrobe does too. It can be tricky navigating dingy skies and rain one minute, blinding sunshine the next, but the key to coming out of that woollen winter cocoon and into a whole new world of steeziness is layers, layers and more layers. 

Firstly, play with proportions to find a base layer that works for the weather and the occasion – maybe a long-sleeved tee or a short-sleeved shirt. Then add a lightweight jumper or maybe a denim overshirt which can be slung off or on and, on top, pop on a bomber, biker or similarly easy-to-wear jacket for outdoor style wins. On the bottom, you can get away with a lighter wash on your jeans or joggers in the sunshine and you could even bravely flash a bit of ankle in pale plimsolls or trainers.