Prints and graphics on tees can be traced back to the 30s, but it was with emblazoned calls to arms in the tumultuous 60s and company branding in the 70s that the slogan T-shirt really took off. Done right, this literal fashion statement can up your style game and be a useful political tool (‘Je Suis Charlie’, ‘I Can’t Breathe’, ‘Free Deidre’, etc). Done wrong (Puff Daddy’s hyperbolic ‘Vote Or Die!’ campaign) it can be proof that nailing a dope slogan is harder than it looks. Most importantly, the slogan tee is not only a clear indication of your sartorial peccadilloes, but a telling indication of just the kind of dude you are. So yeah, we’d advise you chuck that Inbetweeners ‘pussay patrol’ top.