For a new batch of wide-eyed innocents, seven days of debauchery awaits, as Freshers’ Weeks at universities across the country swing into action later this month.  

But a combination of boozy nights, sleep deprivation and junk food can inflict major damage on your skin and hair, which makes arming yourself with a wash bag filled with quality grooming products about ten times more essential than that student cookbook your nana bought you.

This Uppercut Deluxe Hair & Body Gift Set should get you off to a good start. The shampoo and conditioner are both great for stripping your hair of last night’s wax/gel/hairspray/assorted styling products and restoring a healthy gloss to that mane. And for your skin, it’s all about the Bluebeards Revenge Cooling Moisturiser. Laced with exotic plants (standard), such as prickly pear, stinging nettle and fenugreek, this is skin re-invigoration at its best. For top results, order a crate of the stuff and bathe in it.