We’ve already demanded you slip your loaves into a pair of Nike Air Huarache and Air Max Lunar 1s. But for the sneaker-hungry among you, Nike has just dropped its latest covetable range of sneakers: Jordan Flight. And, surprise, surprise, they’re proper tasty, too.  

And now for the history bit: In 1984, Nike collaborated with the world’s most celebrated basketball player, slam-dunking supremo Michael Jordan, to produce the eponymous Air Jordan I. Like the man himself, these trainers became synonymous with sporting excellence. And, years on, despite a couple of retirements and a fleeting baseball career, the shoes have become an even bigger deal than the man who inspired them. 

So what’s so darn great about the latest addition to the Nike Air Jordan legacy? Well, for starters, the different colourways available look super fresh, and each packs a pretty colourful punch.  Then, among other things, there’s the fact that Kanye can barely take his off. And if they’re good enough for sweet Yeezus, they’re good enough for us.