Simply put, layering is fashion speak for creating a practical and stylish outfit that allows you to navigate the changeable autumn weather in style. It’s also a sure-fire way of keeping your outfit adaptable, because it allows you to add and peel off layers over the course of a day so you don't need to go home and change to switch up your look for a night out. Win. 

But it's more than just bunging an extra shirt over that T-shirt in case it gets nippy later – top-level layering involves playing with colour, length and shape to ensure all your different components combine to become something more than the sum of their parts. 
In theory, a strong, layered look is easy to achieve. However, there are a few rules to observe if you want to keep your outfit as cool and cohesive and possible – no one wants to end up looking like Joey wearing all Chandler's clothes in The One Where No One's Ready. So take a look at ASOS personal stylist James’ guide below for the pro take on layering up this autumn.