The Apple Watch doesn’t hit shelves until early 2015, but we’ve already decided we can probably live without wearing a bulky device that replicates the functions of our existing iPhones and Nike FuelBands on our wrists.
Plus, the Apple Watch seems to overcomplicate the simple pleasure of, well, the whole time-telling thing. After all, a good watch need be little more than a handsome bit of kit that lets you know how late you are for work and absolutely, definitely, should not come with the threat of a pre-uploaded U2 album.  
Instead, we’re going to stick to the humble digital watch, like the ones below. Some of which, such as the Casio number, are widely considered design classics and have remained popular with horological aficionados and vintage obsessives for over 50 years, and will probably still look cool and relevant for another 50.
Plus, a few of these digital timepieces are water resistant and won't need drying out for three days in a sack of rice if you so much as splash them. Heck, isn’t that enough?