In terms of up-and-coming young actors, 21-year-old Will Poulter is about as up and coming as they up and come. 

With a BAFTA Rising Star award and a solid turn in the chuckle-worthy We Are The Millers under his belt, Poulter is set to hit the next level when he stars in the upcoming adaptation of The Maze Runner, a dystopian action film in the vein of The Hunger Games.

With his increasing presence on the world stage, it's a good thing that Poulter knows how to dress. Just look at him here outside the BBC studios, rocking an understated and very cool monochrome outfit.

A pair of old-school black Timberlands kick things off, amping up his coated black jeans. A classic white tee and an excellent grey bomber jacket finish things off. 

Put this fella in your favourites and get ready for autumn.