New series, new Doctor, same old arguments about whether you could take down a Dalek on your own. Tonight sees Peter Capaldi (who's going tea-time-friendly after years as the foul-mouthed spin-doctor Malcolm Tucker in The Thick Of It) take on the iconic role of Doctor Who.

Cutting a leaner, edgier figure than Matt Smith's affable tweed-wearing incarnation, Capaldi promises to bring a real sense of danger to the show – and not just because you're constantly expecting him to call a Cyberman the kind of names that would make an internet troll blush.
He's also got a new look. You won't find David Tennant's Converse or Matt Smith's bow ties here. Capaldi's Doctor is a punk-infused modernis, with a long black overcoat, smart cardigan, a buttoned-up white shirt with no tie and sturdy, stylish black boots. Check our Doctor Who-inspired outfit build below.