Summer you've been swell, but September's just around the corner and we've gotta go back to school again. And what's the one thing guaranteed to shake those end-of-August blues? A fresh new outfit that's sharp enough to make your schoolmates, new uni friends or old college housemates drop their books in shock, like a comedy high-school movie nerd.

The core of this getup is a classic white Oxford shirt – a true back-to-school staple – coupled, not with chinos or jeans, but some structured grey joggers. This smart/street mash-up is continued with a pair of Nike Air Max Lunar 1 (the neon sole adding a pop of colour to an otherwise slickly monochrome ensemble).

Then we've added a sweet quilted jacket with a Scandi-inspired contrast shoulder pattern for when the autumn chills take hold, a nice grown up backpack for your books and a cap to top the whole thing off. Consider yourself schooled.