Justin Timberlake is on tour at the minute and – being Justin Timberlake, a man whose dress sense is a smooth as that hat-flipping dance move he does – he's busted out a new outfit for the occasion. Gone is the classic tailoring that he's been making his own on stage over the past couple of years, and it's been replaced by something a bit more contemporary.

The ensemble begins with a fairly conventional tuxedo jacket – paired not with a classic white dress shirt, but one emblazoned with some cool monochrome lightning bolts. Obviously, there's a bit of an air-tie thing going on too (all the better to show off your lightning bolts), and he's worn it untucked, like a casual boss.

Downstairs we've got some fitted but flexible-looking black trousers (for shimmying smoothly). If you want to take this very 2014 smart-meets-street vibe all the way, we'd suggest swapping in a black structured jogger for maximum comfort and cool. The finishing touches are some ice-white, ultra-minimalist sneakers (the only kind it's OK to pair with a tux jacket) and, up top, the shorn-sided quiff seen on many of the world's best footballers this summer.