Jason Statham suits up in a way that suits his personality. His on-screen personality, at least – maybe he's all kittens and French poetry in his spare time, we sadly just don't know him that well (Jason, call us!). What we're saying is: his steez is not exactly subtle. No minimalist monochrome and delicate detailing for our Jase. He's a big dude in a big blue suit and big pair of shades. Bosh. And damn it if he doesn't look really good.

Statham stars in the latest instalment of the Expendables franchise (The Expendables 3: Not That Expendable After All…), which opens this week. His second billing in the series – above an ever-expanding list of Hollywood's manliest – is testament to the former diver's relentless delivery of likably low-brow, mid-range action fare. He's earned his blue suit.

Pleasing air of sharp yet down-to-earthiness aside, there are some useful tailoring tips on show here. If you're a bigger bloke, don't squeeze yourself into a fashionably figure-hugging number. Choose a cut that's comfortable without being shapeless. Statham's shades-of-grey tie is a good width for his frame, too. You could even de-flash this ensemble a little by switching the big-collared and cuff-linked shirt for a more relaxed Oxford, ditching the neckwear, and trading the black formal kicks for a softer brown brogue, worn sockless for summer.