They say never meet your heroes, the theory being that they might, y'know, turn out to be an idiot. But if we'd met 24-year-old actor and star of Game Of Thrones Jacob Anderson (aka singer Raleigh Ritchie – c'mon, keep up) at Wireless festival over the weekend, all we'd have said was, 'Grey Worm, dude, where's your spear, and why are you wearing a cap?' To which he might have answered: 'Because it looks badass (and security confiscated the spear).'

Clearly a bit of streetwear fan, Anderson, who plays the head of Daenerys Targaryen's Unsullied army, pitched up wearing some wicked Obey headgear, a solid Billionaire Boys Club T-shirt, some washed-out black denim and a decent backpack. We'd throw a pair of old-school Vans or New Balance into the mix to finish things off.

Basically it's a brilliant outfit to wear for a festival, gig or weekend fun. Whether a quality cap would help in the invasion of Westeros, we're not in a position to comment.