Martin Freeman is on a roll. After teasing Gareth in The Office, solving crimes in Sherlock, committing them in Fargo and The Hobbit (it doesn't matter if it's from a baby or a dragon, stealing is stealing), he's one of the most sought after and talented actors working today.

He's also got some damn fine style moves, as he's proved again and again at every premiere and chat show appearance. A big fan of fine tailoring and colour, he's a master of accessories and those little touches that make a suit pop.

Here's a perfect example, which Freeman wore on a trip to the BBC. From the tinted Clubmaster-style sunglasses, to the bottle-green blazer, it's fun, summery and very smart. The choice of the lightly coloured shirt is another master stroke, but it's in the little additions that Freeman really excels.

The striped tie has a little slice of green to reference the blazer, while the pink and purple match it to the pocket square. The leather holdall is masculine, practical and stylish, and the beard ain't bad either.