In terms of highfalutin parties, they don't come much higher or more falutin than the Serpentine Gallery's summer do. A hot ticket for everyone from Bradley Cooper to Cara Delevingne, it's like a platinum barbecue where (probably) no one eats much and there's no proper mayonnaise.

But people do get dressed up and look very, very cool, just like designer Matthew Williamson. The British fashion icon wore a pair of midnight-blue loafers and matched them with a pair of amazing cropped, printed trousers.

If you wear trousers like this, it's all about keeping everything else nice and understated. Williamson knows this and finishes his outfit off with a black shirt and blazer. If you've got a summer party coming up, why not try some print? You can always reverse this look and try a printed shirt above some classic slim-fit chinos. Above all, have fun.