We’re not yet willing to come to our senses and admit that this weather can’t go on forever, especially as August is shaping up to be a sun-filled orgy of barbecues, ill-advised after-work drinks and a lot of at-desk sweating.
But because Mother Nature fancies herself as a bit of a comedian, she’s probably going to make a mockery of your summer wardrobe come September. So, now that you’ve got a few quid in your pocket (holla, pay day!), it’s time to score yourself a light autumn jacket for when the mercury begins to drop.
Here, then, is an absurdly handsome suede jacket from Levi’s. Yes, it’s pricey, but, heck, sometimes you deserve a treat. Nay, you definitely deserve a treat! And imagine how good you’ll look wearing this thing. Everyone will be all like, ‘Best-dressed man in the room, step forward and take a bow!’
Moreover, a real man would never let something like hot weather stand between him and pulling on some cow skin. So if you want to wear it with a light T-shirt and some denim shorts for an evening out in this heat, you go ahead, son.