We’ve written passionate words in defence of wearing oversized T-shirts to work, and a strong argument for donning sweatpants outside the gym. But even at the sunniest, warmest point of summer, it’s hard to defend a man who chooses to wear shorts on a night out. You’re not propping up a beach bar in one of the Spanish Costas any more, mate.
But rest assured, we’re not trying to kill your summer buzz. Far from it – we want to reboot your summer and equip you with a killer outfit that you can take from day to night with minimal effort. Most importantly, you need a getup that renders the need to go home and change between an afternoon in the park and a night out on the town irrelevant.
And so, here it is – your ideal 24-hour outfit, which caters for everything a summer’s day and night might chuck at you. Having a barbecue somewhere green and grassy? That’s where the denim shorts and sunnies come in – oh, and there’s a hoodie in there to sit on or cover up with, depending on the weather/how pasty you are. As afternoon moves into balmy evening and you start thinking about heading somewhere swanky, reach into your new backpack (yep, handy – we know) and exchange the shorts and hoodie for a pair of black skinny jeans and a leather jacket. Just make sure wherever you’re going has somewhere you can stow your sack for safe keeping.

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