Here are some things you might not know about Justin Theroux: he worked as a screenwriter on Tropic Thunder and Iron Man 2, and is rumoured to be writing Zoolander 2. He is a cousin of documentarian Louis Theroux. He is a vegetarian.

Here's something you do know about Justin Theroux: he's ice cool. Currently starring in HBO's latest must-watch, super-intense drama The Leftovers, he's out and about a lot, so we get to see him in some excellent getups like the below.

A master of understated cool and a big fan of black (who isn't?), this is a man who knows what he likes and wears it well. From the simple aviator sunnies and the worn-in, would-never-wash-it-if-at-all-possible black T-shirt, to the jeans, bags and subtle little leather bracelet, it's all smashing stuff.