Life is good for 29-year-old LA Lakers star, Nick Young. Also known as Swaggy P, Young is one of the NBA's most popular players, is dating the not-unpopular Iggy Azalea, has a canvas of cool ink all over him and dresses really well. Young said of his style and unusual nickname: "I think if you look good, you play good. So, you know, the 'Swaggy' starts with how I come in the arena – how I dress, the shoes I wear."

And he's further cemented his style credentials with this look. A pair of Wayfarer style sunglasses instantly makes you 1,000 per cent cooler when travelling through an airport, while a statement rucksack like Young’s red number is great, but make sure you can actually use it, too. The jury's out on the hotel slippers, though – realistically, that's probably one just for global sports or film stars – but we're digging his big print tee in monochrome, while the red, slim-fit structured joggers complete a killer and comfortable outfit.