Every summer, the modern Englishman is presented with a unique problem: a deep love of being outside, and the near-constant threat of squally showers causing a mass exodus to the safety of the nearest ice-cream or beer-branded umbrella.

As such, we've evolved unique skills in choosing an outfit that's fit for all manner of weather, and this beauty is no different. A classic printed tee in white will stop you heating up like a big dog in the sun, or you could go for this awesome Fred Perry England polo shirt. And this brilliant blue anorak will keep you warm when the sun drops, or dry if the rain comes.

A pair of classic retro sneakers will keep your toes safe in the crowds, while these pool sliders will let them stay cool throughout the day. And to carry all this around when you're not wearing it? Grab yourself a retro Nike holdall to shove it all in.