David Beckham Into The Unknown airs tomorrow on BBC One, and chronicles the former England captain's journey to the heart of the Amazon rainforest. But, as previews for this documentary show, while Becks gets flustered by an encounter with a frog and, later, a small snake, the fact that he's unable to keep his infamously pomaded barnet in check is what rattles him most.

You see, Becks is one of millions of men whose hair loses its lustre in humid conditions, because (here comes the science bit) hydrogen bonds form between molecules and the proteins in your hair, causing your style to fall flat or frizz out of control.

If you're going on holiday somewhere hot and sticky soon, here are three tips to avoid a humidity hair-mare.

1. Get a trim before you go. You may not realise it, but you probably have split ends, which will make your hair even more unmanageable in humid conditions.

2. Invest in some decent hair products that have smoothing properties, and dry your barnet with a hairdryer. Leaving it to dry naturally is bad news.

3. Buy a hat. If, like Becks, it all goes Pete Tong, you can always hide your shame.