Russia might not seem the most obvious choice to inspire a June outfit, evoking, as it does, images of trudging through Red Square snow, wrapped in furs. But one thing we know about Russia is that it's absolutely massive (seriously – it takes over six days to take a train from Moscow to Vladivostok) and consequently is just as much about sizzling Black Sea summers as it is about frigid Baltic winters.

Our salute to Mother Russia kicks off with a simple, clean polo in – could it be anything else? – deep red. A black Nike track jacket is as crisp and classic as an icy glass of vodka, complemented excellently by a super-slick Herschel backpack. In said sack you'll want to stash a beanie, in case the nighttime weather takes a turn for the Siberian, plus this fresh, Internationale-flavoured vest to celebrate Russia's continent-straddling geography.