Andrew Garfield was once an advocate of wearing scuffed-up boat shoes with a tux, and boasted a wardrobe full of suits that didn't quite fit. But since he became Spiderman and settled down with Emma 'The Perfect Girlfriend' Stone, Garfield has ramped up his style game and now rarely steps out looking anything less than impressive.

Case in point, the laidback getup in which he strolled through LAX arrivals over the weekend. Sure, it's not what you might consider a game-changer, but nothing combats the misery of a long-haul flight like a comfortable and quietly classy outfit, comprising a good pair of jeans and, naturally, a cashmere hoodie. Just look at his face – is that the smile of a man who has just spent his six hours lamenting his in-flight clothing decisions? We think not.

So if you're heading overseas soon, check out the stuff below and scoop yourself something similar. Plus, there are a few tidy hand-luggage options in there for anyone who, like AG, travels light.