Fresh from a triumphant performance on the Other Stage at Glastonbury 2014, John Newman is here to give Johnny Cash a run for his money – at least stylistically.

We've talked about the 24-year-old Yorkshire lad's steez before – how we admire his love of clean lines and modern take on the whole rockabilly thing. It was no different at Glastonbury, except he swapped a white shirt for black, the better to beat the effects of the mud and rain.

The oversized sunnies look great and cover a multitude of sins, while the black T-shirt and slim chinos are comfortable, practical and look wicked. The black loafers probably meant John wasn't be able to leave the metal walkways, but at least they look great. He breaks the whole thing up with an oversized gold pendant and matching retro digital watch, and finishes it all with a flash of his trademark white socks.