In 10 years, when you look back at your photos from prom night, you don't want the sight of a naff suit to distract from the memories.

To ensure you look and feel your best on the big night, here are our five rules for dressing for prom.

Don't rent a tux

Nowadays, it's possible to buy a killer prom suit without blowing your budget – one that offers the kind of slick, contemporary cut you rarely find in a rental. So before you consider hiring a tux, acquaint yourself with our inexpensive and – more importantly – sharply tailored slim and skinny fit options.

Wear a waistcoat

There's a time and a place for waistcoats – a prom is one of them. Traditionally, you wouldn't wear a waistcoat under a tux. But if you're keeping things simple in a suit instead, try a waistcoat that contrasts with the colour of your jacket for a cool edge.

Dress clever with accessories

You're not a Christmas tree, so there's no need to decorate yourself with every suiting embellishment going. However, adorning yourself for prom means sourcing a smart bow tie. You don't want your bow tie to be too large or fussy, and it shouldn't detract from the suit, though they are a key way of integrating a fresh pop of colour into your outfit.

White shirt only

You probably own shirts in a variety of colours and patterns: these have no place at a prom. Keep things simple and classic by opting for a clean white shirt, and lay the foundations for a really refined look.

Slick your hair back

The ultimate finishing touch to a killer prom suit isn't cufflinks or a buttonhole, it's an ace hairstyle, obviously. Check out this video for some quick and simple tips on getting smart hair.