OK, you know that you look great. We know that you look great. But with £2,000 in your back pocket and the opportunity to spend the day with a personal stylist at ASOS HQ in London, summer 2014 could just be your best-looking, most stylish and sharpest summer yet. Actually, scrap that. You'll have never looked better – whatever the year, whatever the season.

And we'll also chuck in the cost of travel to London for you and a friend, plus a night at a swanky hotel. You can swagger around the foyer drawing disbelieving gasps of admiration from impressed bystanders before heading out into London's swirling nighttime, where you will, undoubtedly, be snapped and recorded across thousands of approving Instagram and Twitter feeds for global street-style posterity.

So get on it, son, and let us spoil you. 

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