Let's get this out of the way at the start: it's David Gandy's job to look this good. And personally we're not under any illusions that we’re ever going to be a globetrotting male supermodel.

However, much of Gandy's brilliance – and he does dress himself – is that although he fills his suits pretty well, they're accessible, fun and have enough elements that you can always cherry-pick some awesome ideas for your next posh do.

From the dress slippers and belt-less black dress trousers, to the two-button checked jacket, white shirt and white (!) tuxedo waistcoat, this is a look that's cohesive but has so much to enjoy. By using a simple monochrome palette, Gandy's freed himself up to get a bit more creative with the rest. 

Try one or two elements, like the slippers and smart trousers, and pair them with a tried-and-tested favourite blazer for a high-end update.

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