Brazil has a lot more to offer than carnivals, caipirinhas and Copacabana beach, but there's no denying that the vast nation has a rich history of partying really, really hard.

Style in Brazil is all about colour, and lots of it. Nowhere is this more present than in the country's flag; rich golden yellow against blazing emerald green, all topped off with a deep blue circle. This features a star constellation that was seen above Rio at 8.30am in November 1889, when the country was proclaimed a republic, and the phrase 'Ordem E Progresso', which translates as 'Order and Progress'.

With this outfit, the order comes from a pair of timeless Lacoste trainers, that are as comfortable kicking a ball as they are kicking back and relaxing, and a pair of classic denim shorts for sunset strolls along the beachfront. The progress comes from this canary-yellow Fred Perry polo shirt, which is an updated take on a truly iconic design. And if the temperature rises (spoiler alert: it will) you can slip on some Nike pool sliders for maximum comfort.