Sure, that threadbare budgie-smuggler you've been rocking has its charms, but as summer edges closer, it's time to get your holiday wardrobe in order and upgrade your poolside look.

Now, when it comes to choosing new swimwear, there are two clear options. On the one hand, we have swim trunks, similar to those worn by Daniel Craig in Casino Royale and suited best to those with a gym membership and a waxer on speed dial. On the other, we have the more modest option – swim shorts, as seen on the likes of human wardrobe Hugh Jackman.

They're both good in their own, very separate ways. If you're in the market for minimal white bits, the trunks definitely clinch it. If, however, you want to be comfortable and/or you don't want the whole beach to be able to tell how cold you are (if you catch our drift), board shorts are without question the more flattering choice.