Former Scottish rugby international-turned-model Thom Evans gave a masterclass in how to rock a three-piece suit recently as he attended a very swish-looking party at Battersea Power Station.

Observing excellent tailoring etiquette, Evans kept the colour of his suit dark – in this case, navy – for an evening do, and matched it with a slate-grey shirt and a dark red tie.

Three-piece suits are quite a statement, so it's important to keep your shirt and shoes understated. These are usually for special occasions, like weddings and proms, rather than day-to-day work events (unless you're the Monopoly man). It's the little extras where you can have some real fun, like Thom here with his paisley tie.

Most importantly, he's obeyed the cardinal rule of wearing a waistcoat – keeping the bottom button undone. Do it up and you'll look way too stuffy.