Musically, the Horrors have been on a relentless march towards the mainstream since emerging in 2006, progressing from frenetic, campy, garage punk to the expansive, washed-out electro rock of their fourth album, Luminous, which is out today. Style-wise, they've been on a similar trajectory. 

Their early outfits embraced a theatrical zombie-undertaker vibe – all backcombed hair, buckled pointy boots, achingly tight trousers and a whole lot of black. Today, the black and slim silhouette remains, but the look is altogether more accessible. 

The video for So Now You Know, the lead single from Luminous, showcases both developments neatly. The atmosphere is bleak Americana – dusty trailers, sweeping aerial shots, kids in military jackets on bikes – while lead singer Faris Badwan styles it out amid the desert ennui in rocker leather, black denim and an ace deep-red tee.