Today's OOTD comes slightly out of left field as we welcome award-winning French director Jacques Audiard into our stylish family. If you don't know the name, there's a good chance you're aware of his work.

Audiard's bleak, brutal crime dramas include The Beat That My Heart Skipped and A Prophet, while 2012's Rust and Bone is a relationship drama like nothing you've ever seen. If you haven't caught any of these, seek them out.

Sometimes described as 'the French Scorsese', Audiard is a classy, intelligent chap, who describes his work as being like rolling thunder. And he clearly applies the same considered class to his attire, as proven during a recent Cannes photocall.

Hats can be tricky, especially a pork pie style like Audiard's, but he has obeyed the one golden rule and picked one that fits properly. Next comes a beautiful pair of Wayfarer-style sunglasses in brown, before getting to the crisp white shirt, beautiful racing green bow tie and grey two-button blazer. Finish it off with a pair of slim chinos in navy or khaki, and a pair of brown suede Derbies. Très bien!