This isn't necessarily the sort of outfit you'd wear to a typical British wedding, where a 'refreshing' breeze and 'gentle' rain needs to be taken into account. But if it's a summer ceremony somewhere exotic, the occasion demands you give dark wool suits a miss and step out looking swish in linen.

Whether the nuptials are taking place in the Tuscan hills or a beach on Bora Bora, the beauty of this outfit is that anyone wearing it looks suitably upscale without seeming too stuffy. And, crucially, this suit is made of super-breathable fabric, so you shouldn't get too sweaty, either.

In your old man's hands, these loafers might look a bit naff. But, worn without socks and with turn-ups, they'll look pretty darn cool.

Now finish things off with a simple patterned shirt and equip yourself with an #airportswag-worthy bag to carry it all in. You'll be so well-dressed, they'll probably mention it in the speeches.