A while back, Ryan Gosling went to the petrol station to put fuel in his car. Remember that? No? OK, well, anyway it made headlines because Gosling was wearing a wicked cool T-shirt with the iconic image of Home Alone-era Macaulay Culkin from Life Magazine on it (which, by the way, is available here).

And now, like some sort of self-referential wizard, Macaulay Culkin has taken things to the next level by uploading a picture of himself wearing a T-shirt that features a print of Ryan Gosling wearing the shirt with him on it. Confused? Don't be. It's not worth it.

All you need to know is the Internet has gone mad for all this t-shirt tomfoolery – and there's a photo being circulated of Ryan potentially rocking a shirt featuring Macaulay wearing a shirt featuring Ryan wearing a shirt with him on it (that was a mouthful). Call us naysayers, but this looks like a Photoshop situation. Either way, we can't wait for what's next in this saga.