Forget the High School Musicals; ever since his excellent turn in The Paperboy, we’ve been on board with Zac Efron: Proper Actor.

And his latest flick, Bad Neighbours, is a must for anyone who can quote The Hangover and Old School verbatim. Efron plays the head of a frat house that goes to war with their buttoned-up neighbours. It's not big or clever, but it's very funny.

Zefron was in London yesterday to promote the movie, and looked every bit the film star in black skinny jeans, some smart/casual trainers, a scoop-neck T-shirt, and a killer black denim jacket.

As it starts to warm up, denim's a top choice when leather becomes a bit heavy going. Keep it as simple as possible and don't be too precious when you put it down. It's the scuffs and scrapes that turn a new jacket into a trusted old friend.