Right now the weather has more personalities than Two-Face. So, it's tricky when it comes to dressing. Too warm and muggy for a coat but not quite warm enough for a T-shirt exposed to the elements. River Island luckily has some great items to help fill the gap in a temperamental spring.

Let's start with a pair of skinny, fleck detail jeans. Great for denim fans who like theirs to pack a detailed punch. Match these with a floral T-shirt (spot on for spring), weighed down by a black base, making it less flimsy, if you like.

Add some colour with a bright red backpack (which should house a sweater or light coat in case of a weather flip) and add a pair of plimsolls to finish it off.

You couldn't get a better Saturday outfit. We've also added some optional sunnies, too in case a heat wave kicks in and an afternoon in the park becomes a priority. They'll also help hide those cider tinged eyes at sundown.