Strappy sandals at the ready, bros; it’s time for the return of those permanently angry Spartans and their natty red capes. Cutting a swathe through cinemas from tomorrow, 300: Rise of an Empire is the sequel to banging original which starred Gerard Butler, Michael Fassbender and a whole heap of CGI blood.

Now the Spartans are a bit low on numbers, it's the Athenians turn, and they too are stepping up to that jerk Xerxes - 10ft tall, lots of gold, kind of an idiot - from the first film. This looks epic, and whatever it lacks in historical accuracy it certainly makes for in style. Arm yourself with five facts now. 

1. The film focuses on the Greek leader Themistokles, who's played by Sullivan Stapleton from the Strike Back series.

2. To make him 10ft tall, actor Rodrigo Santoro, who plays Xerxes, filmed most of his scenes alone in a green screens studio.

3. Most of the action takes place on boats, but all of the water was added digitally. So weird.

4. Eva Green, who plays Artemisia, practiced sword fighting for four hours a day prior to filming.

5. The Persian ships were so big, they had to be split into three and placed in different sets.