This year's Oscars ceremony fell short on style risks, with the lion's share of attendees marching the red carpet in smart, if safe, traditional black tie garb - with the exception of winners Jared Leto and Matthew McConaughey, of course.

So it's a good job, then, that rule-breaker and director Spike Lee was on hand to inject proceedings with some much-needed eccentricity, wearing one of his signature trilbies and a pair of pearlescent Nike trainers.

Spike's footwear game has always been strong, but these limited edition Airs prove a true sneakerhead never lets something small like a strict dress code prevent them from throwing down the gauntlet and honouring their love of trainers. 

As a rule, black tie should mean just that, so we're not advocating the tux and trainers combination. But on this occasion, it was quite special to see someone not taking the biggest night in Hollywood's calendar too damn seriously.