Happy birthday, Boxfresh! This wicked British street-wear brand is 25-years-old this year, and hasn't it aged marvelouslly. Born out of the British dance scene of the late 80s, Boxfresh's credo is all about channelling innovative design and street style into their vibrant collections.

Think bold graphic print t-shirts, trainers and jackets, which all sit along side a full collection of men's clothing that showcases Boxfresh's unique design ethos. And now, if possible, things just got even better.

Boxfresh 25 is a limited edition collection featuring T-shirts and sweats to outerwear and shoes. All of the products rock the 'quarter' legend across the chest or back, or on the label. Combining looser fits, with some neat technical flourishes, this is worth checking out whether you and Boxfresh are old friends, or new buds.