Is it possible that Zac Efron has finally shaken his reputation as a Retriever-haired, all-singing, all-dancing 'dreamboat' to become a credible actor? If his turn in The Paperboy and the buzz around his forthcoming release, Neighbors, is to be believed, the answer is in plain sight: yes.

Efron stars as a philandering fratboy alongside Seth Rogan and Dave Franco in Nicholas Stoller's latest funny (that's the guy behind Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Get Him To the Greek). And, from the promotional shots we've seen, Efron looks every inch the college student, in a uniform of baggy jeans, hoodies and t-shirts.

But as he jetted out to promote the film at this year's SXSW Film Festival yesterday, he signalled that slouchy student style isn't something that he subscribes to on his own time. This outfit ticks a lot of boxes, particularly for his non-apologetic use of a man bag. However, it's the wayfarer sunglasses and bomber jacket combination that really seal the deal.