Best App for obsessive exercise types: Moves
Want to know how far you walk in a working day? Course you do. Just fire up Moves, and stick it in your pocket as usual. Then at the end of the day you'll have a comprehensive report of how far you've travelled. Get it here.

Best for people who like a lie in: TravAlarm
Imagine an alarm that knows you're allowed ten extra minutes in bed because there's a cow on the train track. Well imagine no more, future man! TravAlarm gathers real time traffic and transport news, then adjusts your alarm time accordingly. Get it here.

Best for people looking to fill a Flappy Bird shaped hole: Clumsy Bird
Flappy Bird was a genuine phenomenon. For a brief period it was one of the most popular downloadable games. Then its creator removed it from stores, meaning fans had to go...cold turkey! But don't worry, this is pretty much the same - infuriating, annoying and highly addictive. Get it here.

Best for people with loads of mates: Cloze
*Puts on TED talk hat* In this hyper-connected age of online lives, we all have a butt-ton of friends and contacts on various social networks. Cloze brings them all together in one place and highlights the people and posts that are most important to you. Get it here.

Best for people looking to make some extra money: ASOS Marketplace
Yes, yes,  we know, but seriously, this is brilliant. List your old items of clothing online and then sell them for actual money, which you can then redeem against new, even better items of clothing. It's the circle of life. Get it here.