No one knows exactly when Liam Neeson became an awesome action hero who looks like he's been carved out of indistructable star-metal, but it was probably after Love Actually.

In Non-Stop, released today, he plays an air-marshal who has to save hundreds of passengers after he accidentally hijacks the plane he's supposed to be protecting.

Sounds daft, right? Well, so did Taken, The Grey and Unknown, and they kicked-bottom in numerous ways. You will see this film, because you know the truth: #TEAMNEESON4EVA! 

Here's the intel:

1. Downton Abbey's Michelle Dockery will swap dowagers for death-grips as a stewardess caught up in the fracas. As will Oscar nominated Lupita Nyong'o, who starred in 12 Years A Slave.

2. Neeson trained with the same special forces operatives that train real-life air marshals. 

3. There is an awesome fight scene in the tiny plane toilet that lasts just 40-seconds, but took a day to film.

4. The plane used in the film is an Airbus A330-300. Bonus fact: They're really big.

5. The film is shot in a real airport and it took three-hours every night to process the crew, cast and equipment through security.