Second only to The Count from Sesame Street, Robert Pattinson spent years playing one of the world's most famous vampires in the Twilight films, Edward Cullen. Whipping teenage audiences into a frenzy with your nocturnal antics is all well and good, but playing the undead left him little room to flex any sartorial muscle.

This week, however, R-Patz has been papped shooting scenes for his ultra slick forthcoming film Life in Toronto, in which he plays a magazine photographer Dennis Stock - a real life pap tasked with photographing, arguably, history's best dressed man, James Dean.

Given the glossy subject matter, it comes as no surprise that Pattison is appropriately attired in a pair of classic clubmasters, a retro black suit and a tie clip (a subtle, but no-doubt lovely detail).

Keep your eyes peeled for a release date, as this film's sure to set the standard on classic tailoring for 2014.